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Martin Perry

These paintings are about life beneath the surface of
things .We live in a world of surfaces, but I have always had the feeling
life emerges from the minutest particles of matter. The eyes in the
paintings represent life and consciousness present in all matter, even at
subatomic level. I hope that looking at the pictures will invoke a
of quiet calm reflection, and then wonder. Something that for me, at least,
doesn't happen often enough.'


Casa Pouet

The Subatomic Collection

After a thirty-year absence, Martin Perry the artistic director and founder of Harmony Kingdom, has started painting again Martin has painted a group of paintings he is calling The Subatomic Collection inspired by his Mediterranean retreat in Mallorca.

There are some twenty-six subatomic particles and Martin has used these as the starting point for a series of bold imaginative works. Strong colors and sensuous shapes flit across each canvas; happy and content. They are a riot of color and movement with a style of their very own.

Painted in pastels, each work incorporates several eyes, some teasing, some playful and languid, The eyes a human element into each painting, almost as if the subatomic world is looking back at the window Martin has created for us.

Martin's home in Mallorca is a spiritual retreat some 1,500 feet above sea level looking down upon a picturesque valley with the Mediterranean Sea on the horizon. At his retreat, each summer he has been able to throw off the pressures of running a multi national collectible company and focus instead on some of the simpler things in life which are close to his heart.

Peacefulness, and tranquility, sharing the company of good friends, food and conversation make up the days at Casa Pouet.

and best of all, no phones ringing, faxes coming in or any of the other disturbances and pressures so prevalent in normal life.

It is in this setting that he felt compelled and inspired to start painting again. The collection knows no boundaries, Martin is free to wander as he feels fit, inspired by his surroundings and the tranquility of Casa Pouet whilst being free from the commercial considerations which figure predominantly in his "normal" life. The results are both interesting and very refreshing.

Martin's paintings and other works from the Pouet School are to be marketed exclusively by Kevin Pearson of Kevin James Art. The paintings will be offered to collectors of Martin's works through Kevin James Art through private sales and eBay


To contact Kevin Pearson, please call 1-847-570-4867 or send and email to

Gluon Gateau

Pouet Soup

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A Quote from

Martin Perry

'I can't tell what expression the eyes will have until the painting is
finished. Some are quizzical, some all knowing, some intimidating and some
comforting. I don't plan it, they simply emerge in the act of doing it. I
love that.'

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Sub Symmetry Sausages

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